Friday, 10 April 2009

Premonitions and Precognitions

There is a very distinctive difference between Premonitions and Precognition; though similar in nature these two abilities have one distinctive difference. To understand this a little better, let me firstly start by explaining what is meant by the terms Premonitions and Precognition.The ability of Premonitions is to see a future event, in essence to have a waking vision or a flash of a future event while awake. Premonition’s are about feelings or senses of nervous anxiety and gut feelings that something is about to happen. So, overall Premonitions are more about having a sense or a feeling of things to come.While the ability known as Precognition is to see a future event while sleeping, this future sight mainly occurs while dreaming. The feelings and senses associated with premonitions are also a common occurrence with Precognition, there is also an inner depth of knowing, and knowing that something or some event is about to or is going to happen.So, the big difference is that ability one works by day and the other by night, beyond that there is very little difference between the two.

Not every waking vision or night time dream can all be assumed to be future seeing of events that have yet to happen. Like if your dream or a daydream that your sister just married your favourite celebrity star, well you have to be able to know that there is little chance that this would ever happen. In actual fact there is about one in a thousand chance that this would ever actually happen. Remember to use common sense and really listen to your inner voice if you feel you have or do experience premonitions and precognitive dreams.

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Astral Travel

Astral travel is an out of body experience that is usually achieved during deep meditation or while in a deep sleep. We as human beings have two bodies within one, one is physical and one is spirit or energy as some people would class it.
The physical body is grounded to the earth but our spirit body, our soul; our energy force can travel or project our consciousness to the many different Astral Planes that exist.

The Astral Planes exist within and around the physical world, these planes overlap and as such astral travellers can move through both the physical and spiritual realms with ease. These travellers can become like ghosts moving from one realm to the next journeying through the past, present and the spirit realm experiencing with their spiritual body rather than their physical one.

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Spiritual and Spirituality

When people say that they are religious we can clearly define what that actually means.

For example, by dictionary definition to be religious is ‘to have a strong belief in forces that transcend the material world and control human destiny’. For many Christians, Buddhists and many other religions to be religious is to believe in a particular deity, practice and worship a set of beliefs, ethics and values related to that deity. Religious also usually refers to organised religions such as I have mentioned above, these organised religions often have places of worships such as churches, temples, synagogues etc….where believers of those faith’s go to worship/pray. To be Spiritual is often to have beliefs beyond a particular deity and to believe more in the metaphysical connections between human beings and the world around us. It also refers to a belief that is more than just the physical or material world.

In essence people who are more spiritual than religious believe that there is both a physical and a spiritual world that intertwines and exists as one. It is feeling, or an inner sense of a higher power, some spiritual people prefer to worship/pray in their own individual way and that doesn’t always mean that they worship at churches etc….But prefer to worship in a more personal way, that could mean in the outdoors close to nature or at home in their own personal space and individual way. Spirituality is not an organised religion, such as those I mentioned before it is more of a universal belief system where people take their own individual journey to find the answers to life, death, the afterlife and the universe.

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