Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Differences Between a Spirit and a Ghost

Many people get confused when it comes to the technical side of the paranormal. To be precise some people are confused about the terms 'ghosts' and 'spirits'. Some don't recognize or realise that there is a difference between 'ghosts' and 'spirits', even though in some ways they are the same in other ways there are very defining differences between them that makes them not the same thing.

I am going to try to simplify my explanation and try not to get too technical with you all. A 'spirit' is a person who has died and has 'crossed over into the light'. A lot of mediums use terms like 'crossed over' or 'crossed over into the light', and some people know what those terms mean but some don't. So for those who don't here's a quick and simple explanation, 'crossing into the light' means that when a person dies they pass quickly through the passage of light into the spirit world. Once they pass into the spirit world and through the light they become a 'spirit'. 'The Light' is merely the doorway or the passage/corridor that guides the deceased into the afterlife. A 'Spirit' can be a visitational spirit who goes back after there passing to the spirit realm to visit their family and friends left behind but they are based if you like in the spirit world on a constant basis.

Now, there's the term 'Ghost/Ghosts' which is a person who has died but for one reason or another has not chosen to 'cross over into the light' and go to the spirit world. The reasons can vary from a person have died so quickly they don't realise their dead so they don't 'cross over' like they should and sometimes need a bit of help to do so or can after a short time realise that they are dead and 'cross over' themselves. Sometimes a person dies and is confused and doesn't realise that 'the light' is for them to go into. Other times traumatic death's or regrets can leave a recently deceased person not willing to 'cross over' or not realising that they should. Those that don't 'cross over' are known as 'ghosts' and at times are also referred to as 'bounded' or 'grounded ghosts'. These terms are used in certain cases of 'ghosts' depending on the reasons for not 'crossing over' after they died.

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White Noise and Audible Phenomena


White Noise is a technique that uses for example, televisions and radio's to contact the dead. Radio's and televisions can be tuned into stations and channels where only static can be heard or seen. For televisions the static channels are those that make the screen appear like black and white small dots. For radio's it any channel that has a static noise, of course.

The idea of white noise or should I say the theory of the method used to communicate with the dead, is that through the static the dead can be spoken to and also be heard by the living. Whether this is a real form of communication with the dead or not is debatable. Some people have documented their experience of speaking to their dead love ones through the static. Although, I myself have never heard anything through the static of the radio or the television this does not mean that that this method does not work or that it isn't real. It's just means that for one person there was no result in the use of white noise. For any of you reading this if you were to try this as an experiment there is always the chance that it could possibly work for one or more of you.


Sometimes before a ghost manifests, people living in a house may hear knocks, taps or raps and this is called 'Audible Phenomena'. The term is also used during paranormal investigations when a ghost can communicate with the investigation team using the methods above to answer questions that have been asked aloud by the team.