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Information on Paranormal Article Sharing

Hi Guys and Gals,
I need to lay out some ground rules for my paranormal articles on this blog. I don't mind people using my articles on their own websites or blogs. But, I would say that if you want to use my articles for your sites or blogs could you ask permission first, before you copy and paste my copyrighted articles to your websites and blogs. You must also add my name as the author on the article with a link back to this blog please.

For those who have never heard of copyright here is a brief explain of what copyrighted means:

That there is a legal protection to published works like the paranormal articles authored by myself. This legal protection forbids anyone but me the author of the articles the right to publish these articles.

I am sorry to have to say all this but I have come across my paranormal articles pasted word for word on other paranormal, psychic and metaphysical websites, blogs and newsletter. None of my stolen article had my name as the author of the articles nor did they have a link to this blog attached to the articles. This is very disrespectful act and a breech of my copright laws protecting my articles.

Please be advised, that I love sharing my knowledge and experiences of the paranormal with you guys and gals, but it doesn't take alot to put my name on my articles at your own site and a link back here.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you all enjoy the new and recent articles published here. There are alot more interesting and exciting Metaphysical and Paranormal articles to come so watch this space.

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Paranormal Activities: Haunted Houses - Part 1

When people often think of haunted houses one of the first questions that people ask is what makes a house haunted. In one of the earlier articles on this blog I tried to briefly explain what makes a house haunted , now in more depth I will try to explain by giving more details and descriptions. Ghosts and haunted houses have often been the theme of many camp fire stories, books and many horror movies. There are many people who are interested and excited by ghosts and haunted houses have come up with exciting and interesting plots for why a house is haunted.

In the late 70s, the movie 'The Amityville Horror' came to the screen and the movie claimed to be the supposed true story of a family called 'The Lutz's family'. A nice quiet couple who moved into a house in a quiet area of Long Island where the previous year before a series of murders were committed by the eldest son (Ronald Defeo Jnr.) of the Defeo family who had lived there, the same Ronald Defeo Jnr who killed his parents and siblings in that very house by shooting them in their beds, a horrific cold blooded murder. The film showed 'The Lutz Family' different experiences from the move into the house until the couple where forced to flee the house in the middle of the night because of the supposed haunting. The haunted house that 'The Lutz Family' claimed the Amityville house had an almost demonic devil like presence that showed itself by leaving dead flies on windows, foul smells, dark shapes, possessions etc. With the violence of the murders 'The Lutz Family' then claimed demonic presences possessed the father of the 'Lutz Family' and then the lawyers of Ronald Defeo Jnr who had murdered his family in that very house tried to claimed that their client had been possessed when he committed the murders on his family. But, was what 'The Lutz Family' said all true or was all of it a ploy by the lawyers to get their client a lesser or should I say reduced sentence. When the movie came to the silver screen and the book was published. Psychics, Medium and Parapsychologists made there way to the house in Amityville to investigate but by then the new owners would let few of these people into their home.

A well known American Parapsychologist called Stephen Kaplan that was allowed access to the 'Amityville House' to investigate the supposed claims on the property. He and his then assistant talked to the new owners who were a married couple who been living in the house for a period of time during that time they had experienced nothing demonic or paranormal in the house. The new owners explained that the house was quiet, even peaceful and that they had honestly never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary. The main questions that the Kaplan asked himself was, if this house was haunted or there were demonic forces at work then where were they? Where were the demonic forces that had forced 'The Lutz Family' from their home? The house was quiet, there was nothing to suggest that there was or had ever been any type of paranormal or demonic forces at work within the house? It appeared that 'The Lutz Family' may have told lies or had been asked to tell stories of demonic forces and demon possession to help Ronald DeFeo Jnr. Or perhaps their lies was merely for financial gain, they had royalties after all from the movie and the book? The truth is that the real truth may never be known, was it really a haunted house or was it a made up story that 'The Lutz Family' created for any number of reasons, it is doubtful that anyone will ever know? But, it does seem strange that the new owners never had any trouble of the paranormal nature within their home don't you think?

There are many who believe the 'Amityville Horror' to be a hoax, even the well known parapsychologist Stephen Kaplan gave his opinion after 10 years of research on the house and said that it was all a hoax. But there will only ever be opinions or theories unless the people involved came forward and admitted the truth and that is doubtful at this point.

As I have already stated in the previous haunted houses articles, violent crime and murder, brutality and suicide can become a factor in a house being haunted because the violence of such monstrous actions against one or more people can seep into not only the walls but the foundations of a house or office building. It is like the impressions of the violent acts seeping into the very life of the house or building whatever it happens to be. The seeping of the crimes into the house often traps and binds ghosts to the areas, houses or building. Whenever the ghosts crossover to the spirit world they leave behind the wants, desires and the hates of the flesh. I've been asked before do spirits in the spirit world feel? From what I know and have been told by my 'guides' spirits do feel but what they feel is pure emotion for example pure love, but what is that? Pure love is like the love of a child the feelings a child not yet tarnished by societies ideals feels for family or friends. For spirits there are no sins of the flesh, there is no is no wants, desires, needs, passion or sex as far as a spirit is concerned that is gone when the body dies. Spirits as I said feel as a child does, they feel love, compassion and sometimes sadness there souls feel as children feel no more and less.

But, back to hauntings and ghosts, another movie which was the theme or concept of haunted houses where this time the violence was more like the mental torture and hurt caused from husband and wife. This haunted house movie was Stephen King's 'Rose Red'. The storyline of the movie tells of a female psychologist turned parapsychologist, who takes a group of psychics and sensitives to 'Rose Red' to try to re-awaken the forces within the house. There ghost hunt becomes a hellish struggle to try and escape from the malevolent forces within the house that wants them dead. In both these haunted stories involving houses the main problem have been caused by negative feeling's and actions that seeped into the walls of the house and then poured into the walls of the house and the poured into the people living there, to their actions and behaviour towards others.

In the late 70's and early 80's, a haunted movie came to the screen the movie was called 'The Changeling' one of the main characters was played by the actor George C. Scott. Scott's character was a man who had been widowed after a terrible car accident that took his wife and child from him. His character was that of a composer who after the death of his wife and child he moved to another area and rents an historical home from the historical society. The house he lived in was once the home of an influential senator called Joesph Carmichael. While in the mean time Carmichael was living the good life. Scott sees the ghost of a small boy in a bath filled with water. With the help of one of the woman at the historical society, they began to investigate and found a much bigger story, murder, money and an angry ghost looking for revenge.

Not all haunted houses and ghosts are angry or negative ghosts looking to hurt the living. There are only ever a small amount of ghosts that are negative energies, there are ghost hunting shows on television now that are always trying to make out that the majority of haunting are evil people, dead witches and devil worshippers died and turned ghosts that are out to hurt the living, but that is so far from the truth than you can get. The vast majority of ghosts are bound/stuck to a place, trying to get the living to acknowledge their presence and perhaps try to get help from the living to help them crossover, others just want to be acknowledged and an understanding of live and let live to be brought into practice. There has only ever been a small percentage of negative energies in houses that have presences in it. It should also be remembered that during the witch hunts and witch trials that many of those accused of practising witchcraft where midwives, herbalists and natural healers who weren't practising anything except trying to help people.

In the second part of haunted houses I will be giving you a more in-depth look into real cases of haunted houses and paranormal ghost activities, giving you more examples of ghosts and haunted houses.

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Spirit Guide and Guardian Angels

There has always been a lot of debate over whether 'Spirit Guides' and 'Guardian Angels' are the same thing. Some believe that they are one of the same thing. Some believe that they are one of the same thing and some believe that they are not. It is my personal belief or personal opinion that there are differences between 'Spirit Guides' and 'Guardian Angels'.

So, what is a 'Spirit Guide' to each person or to each psychic or medium the answer will be different. For starters each person has at least one or more 'Spirit Guides' as far as I have been told from my own 'Spirit Guides'. The number of 'guides' depends very much on the types of experiences a person will have in their life time. The experiences that will determine more than one 'guide' are the heartache, trauma, tragedies, death, accidents, murders, disease, natural causes etc. In essence the unhappy or non-positive life experiences determine whether more than one 'guide' is needed. A 'Spirit Guide' is exactly as the name describes a spirit body from the spirit world that may or may not have been a living person at one time or another.

To the best of my knowledge and what my own 'spirit guides' tell me, all 'spirit guides' or all those spirits who have the job of guiding the living whether the living be psychic, medium or not, have all the same level of knowledge and are all at the same soul spirit level. In the spirit world it is all about 'balance' there is an equality that many times is not felt or seen in the physical world.

To use a simple example of 'balance' we must first take a look at both the physical and spirit world and the connections and 'balance' within the two.

Firstly, lets take a look at the physical world. Human Beings are in essence a pure balance of good and evil within one body and one soul. Depending on the influences in our life, people and situations/events determine who and what we become whether we live a good or bad life as a good or bad person. Our own personal decisions throughout our lives, decisions of right or wrong determine and tip the balance of good and evil within our own lives. As a child it is the people in our lives our family and friends, our peers if you like influences who we are to become as we move through childhood, teenage and then to adult. Each decision a person makes through every life experience can tip the scales of our lives towards being a good person living a good life or an evil person living an evil life. In saying that, there several degrees or levels of balance of good and evil in connection to the balance of whether individuals live a good or bad life and those levels are reached or surpassed by ones own actions.

No baby is born predominately evil or good, there is always a 50/50 like half and half of good and evil. As the baby grows from baby to child, teenager, adult to old age the people who influence the baby as they grow as well as the experiences and decisions that are made throughout the child's whole life can tip the balance of good and evil and determine the way a person lives there life. This is natures balance taking form in the physical world as there is a balance in the physical world and there is also a balance in the spirit world among the individual souls/spirits and spirit/soul groups. There is the wisdom of equality and all the majority of spirits are on an equal footing when it comes to knowledge, of course when it comes to soul/spirit enlightenment each spirit/soul or soul group advances to different stages of enlightenment at different paces to other spirit/soul groups. But, this is a completely separate issue to the issue of knowledge of the spirit world and its inner workings.

The enlightenment of a soul seeks in the spirit world and the soul group they belong to is determined by the decisions they have made in the life or lives in the physical world. The bad or good decisions that a person makes their actions toward others whether that be family, friends or strangers and the way people live their lives. This all determines the advancement of the soul and the enlightenment of the soul is for a spirit to learn through lifetimes the true meanings of life, death and the universe. When enough has been learned through the life or lifetime's in the physical world, then the ultimate enlightenment or reward is to become one with or apart of an eternal peace that is found when one becomes pure energy and become part of the physical universe. If your a christian then the becoming one with the universe would be an eternal peace and one with heaven. Complete enlightenment would be to seek out or gain the knowledge of life, the universe and everything else. Because of that complete enlightenment your soul would be so complete that no more lives in the physical world are necessary, if that makes sense.

My 'spirit guides' are the ones that told me that there is a difference between 'spirit guides' and 'guardian angels'. 'Guardian Angels' are there to protect and comfort individuals, where as 'spirit guides' are there to guide, advise and to teach us.

As I said before, each person has one or more 'spirit guides' and these 'guides' act or 'guide' an individual in different ways depending on the life you are going to live, the skills and the abilities you have your 'spirit guide' is connected to you, in tuned to you in a spiritual way and in some cases acts as your inner voice to guide you in your decision making during different experiences and events over the span of your lifetime. They sometimes as I said can act as your inner voice when they cannot connect with you any other way.

In Section 2 of 'Spirit Guides' and 'Guardian Angels' we take a look at all types of angels including 'Guardian Angels'.

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No Posts Due to Health Issue

There have been no paranormal articles for the past weeks due to a bout out of ill health. Over the next few hours I will be posting several paranormal articles. Then over the next few weeks I will post several more paranormal articles and get the blog updated with some more interesting information on the paranormal and metaphysical studies.