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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Paranormal Activities: Haunted Houses - Part 1

When people often think of haunted houses one of the first questions that people ask is what makes a house haunted. In one of the earlier articles on this blog I tried to briefly explain what makes a house haunted , now in more depth I will try to explain by giving more details and descriptions. Ghosts and haunted houses have often been the theme of many camp fire stories, books and many horror movies. There are many people who are interested and excited by ghosts and haunted houses have come up with exciting and interesting plots for why a house is haunted.

In the late 70s, the movie 'The Amityville Horror' came to the screen and the movie claimed to be the supposed true story of a family called 'The Lutz's family'. A nice quiet couple who moved into a house in a quiet area of Long Island where the previous year before a series of murders were committed by the eldest son (Ronald Defeo Jnr.) of the Defeo family who had lived there, the same Ronald Defeo Jnr who killed his parents and siblings in that very house by shooting them in their beds, a horrific cold blooded murder. The film showed 'The Lutz Family' different experiences from the move into the house until the couple where forced to flee the house in the middle of the night because of the supposed haunting. The haunted house that 'The Lutz Family' claimed the Amityville house had an almost demonic devil like presence that showed itself by leaving dead flies on windows, foul smells, dark shapes, possessions etc. With the violence of the murders 'The Lutz Family' then claimed demonic presences possessed the father of the 'Lutz Family' and then the lawyers of Ronald Defeo Jnr who had murdered his family in that very house tried to claimed that their client had been possessed when he committed the murders on his family. But, was what 'The Lutz Family' said all true or was all of it a ploy by the lawyers to get their client a lesser or should I say reduced sentence. When the movie came to the silver screen and the book was published. Psychics, Medium and Parapsychologists made there way to the house in Amityville to investigate but by then the new owners would let few of these people into their home.

A well known American Parapsychologist called Stephen Kaplan that was allowed access to the 'Amityville House' to investigate the supposed claims on the property. He and his then assistant talked to the new owners who were a married couple who been living in the house for a period of time during that time they had experienced nothing demonic or paranormal in the house. The new owners explained that the house was quiet, even peaceful and that they had honestly never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary. The main questions that the Kaplan asked himself was, if this house was haunted or there were demonic forces at work then where were they? Where were the demonic forces that had forced 'The Lutz Family' from their home? The house was quiet, there was nothing to suggest that there was or had ever been any type of paranormal or demonic forces at work within the house? It appeared that 'The Lutz Family' may have told lies or had been asked to tell stories of demonic forces and demon possession to help Ronald DeFeo Jnr. Or perhaps their lies was merely for financial gain, they had royalties after all from the movie and the book? The truth is that the real truth may never be known, was it really a haunted house or was it a made up story that 'The Lutz Family' created for any number of reasons, it is doubtful that anyone will ever know? But, it does seem strange that the new owners never had any trouble of the paranormal nature within their home don't you think?

There are many who believe the 'Amityville Horror' to be a hoax, even the well known parapsychologist Stephen Kaplan gave his opinion after 10 years of research on the house and said that it was all a hoax. But there will only ever be opinions or theories unless the people involved came forward and admitted the truth and that is doubtful at this point.

As I have already stated in the previous haunted houses articles, violent crime and murder, brutality and suicide can become a factor in a house being haunted because the violence of such monstrous actions against one or more people can seep into not only the walls but the foundations of a house or office building. It is like the impressions of the violent acts seeping into the very life of the house or building whatever it happens to be. The seeping of the crimes into the house often traps and binds ghosts to the areas, houses or building. Whenever the ghosts crossover to the spirit world they leave behind the wants, desires and the hates of the flesh. I've been asked before do spirits in the spirit world feel? From what I know and have been told by my 'guides' spirits do feel but what they feel is pure emotion for example pure love, but what is that? Pure love is like the love of a child the feelings a child not yet tarnished by societies ideals feels for family or friends. For spirits there are no sins of the flesh, there is no is no wants, desires, needs, passion or sex as far as a spirit is concerned that is gone when the body dies. Spirits as I said feel as a child does, they feel love, compassion and sometimes sadness there souls feel as children feel no more and less.

But, back to hauntings and ghosts, another movie which was the theme or concept of haunted houses where this time the violence was more like the mental torture and hurt caused from husband and wife. This haunted house movie was Stephen King's 'Rose Red'. The storyline of the movie tells of a female psychologist turned parapsychologist, who takes a group of psychics and sensitives to 'Rose Red' to try to re-awaken the forces within the house. There ghost hunt becomes a hellish struggle to try and escape from the malevolent forces within the house that wants them dead. In both these haunted stories involving houses the main problem have been caused by negative feeling's and actions that seeped into the walls of the house and then poured into the walls of the house and the poured into the people living there, to their actions and behaviour towards others.

In the late 70's and early 80's, a haunted movie came to the screen the movie was called 'The Changeling' one of the main characters was played by the actor George C. Scott. Scott's character was a man who had been widowed after a terrible car accident that took his wife and child from him. His character was that of a composer who after the death of his wife and child he moved to another area and rents an historical home from the historical society. The house he lived in was once the home of an influential senator called Joesph Carmichael. While in the mean time Carmichael was living the good life. Scott sees the ghost of a small boy in a bath filled with water. With the help of one of the woman at the historical society, they began to investigate and found a much bigger story, murder, money and an angry ghost looking for revenge.

Not all haunted houses and ghosts are angry or negative ghosts looking to hurt the living. There are only ever a small amount of ghosts that are negative energies, there are ghost hunting shows on television now that are always trying to make out that the majority of haunting are evil people, dead witches and devil worshippers died and turned ghosts that are out to hurt the living, but that is so far from the truth than you can get. The vast majority of ghosts are bound/stuck to a place, trying to get the living to acknowledge their presence and perhaps try to get help from the living to help them crossover, others just want to be acknowledged and an understanding of live and let live to be brought into practice. There has only ever been a small percentage of negative energies in houses that have presences in it. It should also be remembered that during the witch hunts and witch trials that many of those accused of practising witchcraft where midwives, herbalists and natural healers who weren't practising anything except trying to help people.

In the second part of haunted houses I will be giving you a more in-depth look into real cases of haunted houses and paranormal ghost activities, giving you more examples of ghosts and haunted houses.

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Spirit Guide and Guardian Angels

There has always been a lot of debate over whether 'Spirit Guides' and 'Guardian Angels' are the same thing. Some believe that they are one of the same thing. Some believe that they are one of the same thing and some believe that they are not. It is my personal belief or personal opinion that there are differences between 'Spirit Guides' and 'Guardian Angels'.

So, what is a 'Spirit Guide' to each person or to each psychic or medium the answer will be different. For starters each person has at least one or more 'Spirit Guides' as far as I have been told from my own 'Spirit Guides'. The number of 'guides' depends very much on the types of experiences a person will have in their life time. The experiences that will determine more than one 'guide' are the heartache, trauma, tragedies, death, accidents, murders, disease, natural causes etc. In essence the unhappy or non-positive life experiences determine whether more than one 'guide' is needed. A 'Spirit Guide' is exactly as the name describes a spirit body from the spirit world that may or may not have been a living person at one time or another.

To the best of my knowledge and what my own 'spirit guides' tell me, all 'spirit guides' or all those spirits who have the job of guiding the living whether the living be psychic, medium or not, have all the same level of knowledge and are all at the same soul spirit level. In the spirit world it is all about 'balance' there is an equality that many times is not felt or seen in the physical world.

To use a simple example of 'balance' we must first take a look at both the physical and spirit world and the connections and 'balance' within the two.

Firstly, lets take a look at the physical world. Human Beings are in essence a pure balance of good and evil within one body and one soul. Depending on the influences in our life, people and situations/events determine who and what we become whether we live a good or bad life as a good or bad person. Our own personal decisions throughout our lives, decisions of right or wrong determine and tip the balance of good and evil within our own lives. As a child it is the people in our lives our family and friends, our peers if you like influences who we are to become as we move through childhood, teenage and then to adult. Each decision a person makes through every life experience can tip the scales of our lives towards being a good person living a good life or an evil person living an evil life. In saying that, there several degrees or levels of balance of good and evil in connection to the balance of whether individuals live a good or bad life and those levels are reached or surpassed by ones own actions.

No baby is born predominately evil or good, there is always a 50/50 like half and half of good and evil. As the baby grows from baby to child, teenager, adult to old age the people who influence the baby as they grow as well as the experiences and decisions that are made throughout the child's whole life can tip the balance of good and evil and determine the way a person lives there life. This is natures balance taking form in the physical world as there is a balance in the physical world and there is also a balance in the spirit world among the individual souls/spirits and spirit/soul groups. There is the wisdom of equality and all the majority of spirits are on an equal footing when it comes to knowledge, of course when it comes to soul/spirit enlightenment each spirit/soul or soul group advances to different stages of enlightenment at different paces to other spirit/soul groups. But, this is a completely separate issue to the issue of knowledge of the spirit world and its inner workings.

The enlightenment of a soul seeks in the spirit world and the soul group they belong to is determined by the decisions they have made in the life or lives in the physical world. The bad or good decisions that a person makes their actions toward others whether that be family, friends or strangers and the way people live their lives. This all determines the advancement of the soul and the enlightenment of the soul is for a spirit to learn through lifetimes the true meanings of life, death and the universe. When enough has been learned through the life or lifetime's in the physical world, then the ultimate enlightenment or reward is to become one with or apart of an eternal peace that is found when one becomes pure energy and become part of the physical universe. If your a christian then the becoming one with the universe would be an eternal peace and one with heaven. Complete enlightenment would be to seek out or gain the knowledge of life, the universe and everything else. Because of that complete enlightenment your soul would be so complete that no more lives in the physical world are necessary, if that makes sense.

My 'spirit guides' are the ones that told me that there is a difference between 'spirit guides' and 'guardian angels'. 'Guardian Angels' are there to protect and comfort individuals, where as 'spirit guides' are there to guide, advise and to teach us.

As I said before, each person has one or more 'spirit guides' and these 'guides' act or 'guide' an individual in different ways depending on the life you are going to live, the skills and the abilities you have your 'spirit guide' is connected to you, in tuned to you in a spiritual way and in some cases acts as your inner voice to guide you in your decision making during different experiences and events over the span of your lifetime. They sometimes as I said can act as your inner voice when they cannot connect with you any other way.

In Section 2 of 'Spirit Guides' and 'Guardian Angels' we take a look at all types of angels including 'Guardian Angels'.

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No Posts Due to Health Issue

There have been no paranormal articles for the past weeks due to a bout out of ill health. Over the next few hours I will be posting several paranormal articles. Then over the next few weeks I will post several more paranormal articles and get the blog updated with some more interesting information on the paranormal and metaphysical studies.

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The Differences Between a Spirit and a Ghost

Many people get confused when it comes to the technical side of the paranormal. To be precise some people are confused about the terms 'ghosts' and 'spirits'. Some don't recognize or realise that there is a difference between 'ghosts' and 'spirits', even though in some ways they are the same in other ways there are very defining differences between them that makes them not the same thing.

I am going to try to simplify my explanation and try not to get too technical with you all. A 'spirit' is a person who has died and has 'crossed over into the light'. A lot of mediums use terms like 'crossed over' or 'crossed over into the light', and some people know what those terms mean but some don't. So for those who don't here's a quick and simple explanation, 'crossing into the light' means that when a person dies they pass quickly through the passage of light into the spirit world. Once they pass into the spirit world and through the light they become a 'spirit'. 'The Light' is merely the doorway or the passage/corridor that guides the deceased into the afterlife. A 'Spirit' can be a visitational spirit who goes back after there passing to the spirit realm to visit their family and friends left behind but they are based if you like in the spirit world on a constant basis.

Now, there's the term 'Ghost/Ghosts' which is a person who has died but for one reason or another has not chosen to 'cross over into the light' and go to the spirit world. The reasons can vary from a person have died so quickly they don't realise their dead so they don't 'cross over' like they should and sometimes need a bit of help to do so or can after a short time realise that they are dead and 'cross over' themselves. Sometimes a person dies and is confused and doesn't realise that 'the light' is for them to go into. Other times traumatic death's or regrets can leave a recently deceased person not willing to 'cross over' or not realising that they should. Those that don't 'cross over' are known as 'ghosts' and at times are also referred to as 'bounded' or 'grounded ghosts'. These terms are used in certain cases of 'ghosts' depending on the reasons for not 'crossing over' after they died.

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White Noise and Audible Phenomena


White Noise is a technique that uses for example, televisions and radio's to contact the dead. Radio's and televisions can be tuned into stations and channels where only static can be heard or seen. For televisions the static channels are those that make the screen appear like black and white small dots. For radio's it any channel that has a static noise, of course.

The idea of white noise or should I say the theory of the method used to communicate with the dead, is that through the static the dead can be spoken to and also be heard by the living. Whether this is a real form of communication with the dead or not is debatable. Some people have documented their experience of speaking to their dead love ones through the static. Although, I myself have never heard anything through the static of the radio or the television this does not mean that that this method does not work or that it isn't real. It's just means that for one person there was no result in the use of white noise. For any of you reading this if you were to try this as an experiment there is always the chance that it could possibly work for one or more of you.


Sometimes before a ghost manifests, people living in a house may hear knocks, taps or raps and this is called 'Audible Phenomena'. The term is also used during paranormal investigations when a ghost can communicate with the investigation team using the methods above to answer questions that have been asked aloud by the team.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Premonitions and Precognitions

There is a very distinctive difference between Premonitions and Precognition; though similar in nature these two abilities have one distinctive difference. To understand this a little better, let me firstly start by explaining what is meant by the terms Premonitions and Precognition.The ability of Premonitions is to see a future event, in essence to have a waking vision or a flash of a future event while awake. Premonition’s are about feelings or senses of nervous anxiety and gut feelings that something is about to happen. So, overall Premonitions are more about having a sense or a feeling of things to come.While the ability known as Precognition is to see a future event while sleeping, this future sight mainly occurs while dreaming. The feelings and senses associated with premonitions are also a common occurrence with Precognition, there is also an inner depth of knowing, and knowing that something or some event is about to or is going to happen.So, the big difference is that ability one works by day and the other by night, beyond that there is very little difference between the two.

Not every waking vision or night time dream can all be assumed to be future seeing of events that have yet to happen. Like if your dream or a daydream that your sister just married your favourite celebrity star, well you have to be able to know that there is little chance that this would ever happen. In actual fact there is about one in a thousand chance that this would ever actually happen. Remember to use common sense and really listen to your inner voice if you feel you have or do experience premonitions and precognitive dreams.

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Astral Travel

Astral travel is an out of body experience that is usually achieved during deep meditation or while in a deep sleep. We as human beings have two bodies within one, one is physical and one is spirit or energy as some people would class it.
The physical body is grounded to the earth but our spirit body, our soul; our energy force can travel or project our consciousness to the many different Astral Planes that exist.

The Astral Planes exist within and around the physical world, these planes overlap and as such astral travellers can move through both the physical and spiritual realms with ease. These travellers can become like ghosts moving from one realm to the next journeying through the past, present and the spirit realm experiencing with their spiritual body rather than their physical one.

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Spiritual and Spirituality

When people say that they are religious we can clearly define what that actually means.

For example, by dictionary definition to be religious is ‘to have a strong belief in forces that transcend the material world and control human destiny’. For many Christians, Buddhists and many other religions to be religious is to believe in a particular deity, practice and worship a set of beliefs, ethics and values related to that deity. Religious also usually refers to organised religions such as I have mentioned above, these organised religions often have places of worships such as churches, temples, synagogues etc….where believers of those faith’s go to worship/pray. To be Spiritual is often to have beliefs beyond a particular deity and to believe more in the metaphysical connections between human beings and the world around us. It also refers to a belief that is more than just the physical or material world.

In essence people who are more spiritual than religious believe that there is both a physical and a spiritual world that intertwines and exists as one. It is feeling, or an inner sense of a higher power, some spiritual people prefer to worship/pray in their own individual way and that doesn’t always mean that they worship at churches etc….But prefer to worship in a more personal way, that could mean in the outdoors close to nature or at home in their own personal space and individual way. Spirituality is not an organised religion, such as those I mentioned before it is more of a universal belief system where people take their own individual journey to find the answers to life, death, the afterlife and the universe.

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What is the Paranormal Q & A

Q: What is The Paranormal?
A: The term ‘Paranormal’ refers to the type of phenomena that by all appearances cannot be explained or understood by the general scientific community, nor can be explained by the scientific laws for which this community governs itself by. In more basic terms the actual word paranormal means beyond normal which when broken down means beyond normal experiences, and the normal five senses that we all have. Those five senses being - smell, taste, touch, see and hear. The term also refers to all those things which cannot be fitted into the category of ‘natural order’ or to anything that can not be explained, in other words ‘The Unexplained’.

Q: What does the term Parapsychology mean?
A: Parapsychology is the study of paranormal phenomena, and to some it is seen as a science and a sub field of psychology. There are many people who consider themselves parapsychology researchers, who study this type of phenomena hoping to find scientific proof of the existence of supernatural and psychic phenomena. So in simple terms parapsychology is the study of both the mental and physical which does not fit into the normal perception of these words and the meaning behind them. Regarding to these terms in the beyond normal category you will find that in parapsychology terms ‘Mental’ research refers to the study of:

* ESP - Extra Sensory Perception
* Telepathy
* Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
* Psychometry
* Precognitions and Premonitions
* Remote Viewing
* Mental Mediumship
* Dowsing
* Past Life Memories
* Possession
* Out of Body and Near Death Experiences
* Apparitions - Spirits/Ghosts
* Automatic Writing
* Xenoglossy

While the term ‘Physical’ within this science is the study of:

* Psychokinesis
* Physical Mediumship
* Psychic Photography
* Healing
* Poltergeist Activity
* Levitation

Other subjects that are studied by parapsychology researchers are:

* Bizzare Coincidences
* Miracles
* Mysterious Sightings
* Alien Abductions
* Animal Mutalations
* Corn Circles
* Stigmata
* Occult Systems

So you could say that parapsychology is a addition to science because these researchers are trying to obtain physical proof that there is more out there that just what we think we know about the world. That there is more than just the physical in our plain of existence, is it so hard to have an open mind, I mean many religions believe in heaven, hell, God, Devil, Angels most of never seen any of these and yet they believe that they exist. Is that anymore ‘out there’ than those who believe in ‘The Paranormal’ or ‘Psychic Phenomena’.

You dont need to be a believer this is merely a study of The Metaphysical World and what lies beyond the void of what we believe is possible. All you need is a open mind and a bit of healthy skepticism and you may be surprised by what you learn and the proof you will find. Just remember that once upon a time people believed the world was flat and now we know the truth that the world is round…….So as far as this study goes it’s up to you what you believe….after all the truth is out there if you open your eyes and look for it………

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Defining Psychic Abilities

Defining Psychic Abilities is very like defining ‘The Paranormal’, because psychic abilities are abilities that go beyond the normal five senses and is referred to as the sixth sense or third eye. People with psychic abilities can reach beyond what we deem to be reality and beyond the confines of the physical world. These abilities are often called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), although there are several different types of psychic abilities for example:

Precognition - Is the ability that allows an individual to access through dreams, information about things in the future such as places and events before they actually happen.

Retrocognition - Is the ability that allows an individual to access information on past events and places, similar to precognition but acts in reverse.

Premonition - Is like precognition except that instead of accessing future information through dreams, information can be received through visions and strong senses and feelings.

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience - Are three abilities that are intertwined and allows an individual to have clear sight in other words they can see, feel and sense beyond the physical world and into the spiritworld.

Remote Viewing - Is the ability that allows an individual to be able to see physical objects and people from a distance

Telepathy - Is the ability that allows an individual to communicate with their mind to another mind

Medium - This is the ability that allows an individual to relay information from beyond the physical world

Psychokinesis - Is the ability to move objects with the mind

Several universities all over the world have parapsychology departments, where researchers are using various methods to find scientific proof that people do possess these abilities. Not only that but they are searching for proof that these individuals are receiving this information from a source beyond the physical world and our reality

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Psychic Abilities: Psychometry

Psychometry is another ability included within the term paranormal abilities or psychic abilities. This abilities means, that a person can get information from historical objects or family heirlooms, by touching or holding the object in their hands.

It is thought by some people that object’s from the past bear impressions of those who have touched or owned the objects at one time or another.

So, if a person exists with this paranormal ability to hold or touch these objects then they can pick up information on the previous owners. Information like who they were, their characteristics, and other information on the object itself. Where it came from and how it came to be in the past owners possession.

Objects that have been known to be used by those possessing these skills are, rings, watches, key’s, ornaments, items of clothing etc…

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Psychic Abilities: Xenoglossy

Xenoglossy is another ability which is included within the term paranormal or psychic abilities. This ability means that the person who posses it can speak literally in foreign tongues, in other words the person who has this ability is able to speak other languages of which they have no prior knowledge of.

Usually people with this ability can with no prior knowledge of languages can not only speak in but write in many different languages, No prior knowledge in this instance means that the language that they suddenly can speak or write in, is not their own native language, they have never spoken or been taught the language that they can suddenly and without warning can be able to speak.

Xenoglossy is another ability which is included within the term paranormal or psychic abilities. This ability means that the person who posses it can speak literally in foreign tongues, in other words the person who has this ability is able to speak other languages of which they have no prior knowledge of.

Usually people with this ability can with no prior knowledge of languages can not only speak in but write in many different languages, No prior knowledge in this instance means that the language that they suddenly can speak or write in, is not their own native language, they have never spoken or been taught the language that they can suddenly and without warning can be able to speak.

Paranormal Studies: Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the concept that when we die, we are born into flesh again, in other words we are born into flesh, and when we die, we return to the earth to a new body. Therefore, we reincarnate from one life to the next, or at least our soul does as the soul is reincarnated from one body to the next.

Though our souls travels from one body to the next, our bodies and faces are ever changing, as we reincarnate we learn through each life’s situations and events, lessons that help us advance our souls to reach enlightenment.

There are many religions and belief systems which believe in the concept of reincarnation, for many of these there is a deep seeded belief that we as spiritual beings can choose when to be reincarnated and so choose the life we want to lead next ourselves, that we have free will in this choice.

Although there are many religions and belief systems that believe in reincarnation, there are many differences to what each culture or religion believes it to be in their eyes. Those that do believe in the idea of reincarnation are Sikhism, Yoga, Hinduism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Buddhism, Paganism, Vedic, and Spiritism. The ancient Greeks and Romans also believe in the idea of Reincarnation.

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NDE - Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences have been reported all over the world for many years, but what is meant by the term Near Death Experience (NDE). A Near Death Experience happens when someone is close death or is clinically dead and is then revived. Some Scientific Experts believe that what a person experiences or sees in these moments can be easily explained as hallucinations brought on by the death of the brain. Though this explanation can not account for the numerous experiences, which have been recorded over the years. Nor does this scientific theory make sense when you realize that if a person clinically has brain death they cannot be revived/brought back to life. NDE first began to draw interest through the research of people like George Ritchie, Raymond Moody Jr and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, but NDE became of worldwide public interest in 1975 with the release of Moody’s book Life after Life. Not long after ‘The International Association for Near Death Studies’ was set up in the US. The only ever scholarly journal to be published in this field ‘Journal of Near Death Studies’ was published by the Near Death Association.

Since then there has been many studies done on NDE phenomenon, and many ordinary people have been interviewed on their own Near Death Experiences, those that have experienced NDE often report that during this phenomenon, they have an inner sense that they feel they know that they are dead, they feel that their bodies are light and often feel themselves leaving the body, instead of feeling scared they sense an over-whelming calmness and peacefulness, often reported is the sight of a corridor or light moving towards them, seeing deceased family members, or being brought to the light by these deceased relatives. Meeting beings of light and experiencing a review of their life (life review), being told they have to return to their body or being taken back to their physical body. Some people have found their NDE’s to be distressful, while others have had religious experiences.

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Metaphysical Studies: Cosmology

Cosmology is the study of the Universe, in actual fact it is the use of Scientific Observation and Experimentation to understand the Cosmo better. It is the study of the universe from its very existence or what is referred to as the ‘big bang’ to the expanding growth of the universe to the end of time and space. From the scientists own observation and experimentation they can use their results to try to predict the history of the universe. Moreover, the scientists try to learn and understand the progression of the growth of the universe as a whole. Using their results and the physical laws of the universe that govern what happens and how it expands.On the other hand, we then have the study of Metaphysical Cosmology which is the study of science and religion. Two of these doctrines which are studied in connection to the concepts of not only the universe, but of nature, man and God and trying to understand the conclusions that can be formed as to the relationship and connection between, the universe + nature then the universe +nature + man and then the connection between, the universe + nature + man + God. It is the ultimate question that all human being ask ‘Why are we here?’, ‘What is our role in the universe?’ and so on……

When studying this there are several aspects which must be considered they are, our origins, world religions, and the role of mythology and the nature of reality. When considering the various views and thoughts on creation and the end of the universe, the roles of these things in shaping our religions, our lives and our world. We must also take into consideration the links between the universe, faith and spirituality

Metaphysical Studies: Ontology

Ontology is the study of reality in essence ‘what is reality?’, ‘what is existence?’ or even ‘what defines something as a physical object?’ So Ontology is the study of what we call reality, through science and observation we try to understand the world around us in a more profound way. There are various aspects to Ontology, and like so many of the other fields of study we have previously looked at there is also the Metaphysical side of this subject. In this subject matter in particular scientists and researchers are interested in ‘the different kind of ways of beings’ and its relationship and connection to the world around us. But what makes something ‘a being or an entity’ anything that seems to incorporate the various senses of ‘being’. To make these concepts less scientific and easier to understand, I will try to explain what the idea of ‘being’ or ‘entity’ is.

There are many different categories that show you how things are categorized as being or entity. Below you will find a list of categories that plainly describe what makes something ‘a being’ rather than and ‘entity’.


Physical Objects - these are things that are in our reality are all around us, they are solid and like trees, plants/flowers, houses and people they are solid beings which can be sensed. In as much as some physical objects can be smelled and touched they come under those things which can be sensed and our therefore naturally categorized as being.

Minds - Every human being has a mind and so the mind is by some philosophers considered ‘a being’ but only the parts of the mind that ‘think and perceived’ are considered as ‘being’. To some philosophers the mind distinct from the body, almost like these two ‘beings’ are separate yet living under the same roof so to speak.

Classes - Everything in the universe can be classed, whether it’s the plants and the universe to human beings. Classes for the most part are taken as abstract objects in other words sets of things.

Properties - Most things in reality have properties with other things for e.g. a banana is yellow and so the color yellow is associated, share or have properties with all things that are yellow. Properties is a description a descriptive quality that describes an object, it is something that is just not associated with color but also with size and weight in some ways it is very like a classification of an object. Ontology is the study of reality in essence ‘what is reality?’, ‘what is existence?’ or even ‘what defines something as a physical object?’. So Ontology is the study of what we call reality, through science and observation we try to understand the world around us in a more profound way. There are various aspects to Ontology, and like so many of the other fields of study we have previously looked at there is also the Metaphysical side of this subject. In this subject matter in particular scientists and researchers are interested in ‘the different kind of ways of beings’ and its relationship and connection to the world around us. But what makes something ‘a being or an entity’ anything that seems to incorporate the various senses of ‘being’. To make these concepts less scientific and easier to understand, I will try to explain what the idea of ‘being’ or ‘entity’ is.

There are many different categories that show you how things are categorized as being or entity. Below you will find a list of categories that plainly describe what makes something ‘a being’ rather than an ‘entity’.


Physical Objects - these are things that are in our reality are all around us, they are solid and like trees, plants/flowers, houses and people they are solid beings which can be sensed. In as much as some physical objects can be smelled and touched they come under those things which can be sensed and our therefore naturally categorized as being.

Minds - Every human being has a mind and so the mind is by some philosophers considered ‘a being’ but only the parts of the mind that ‘think and perceived’ are considered as ‘being’. To some philosophers the mind distinct from the body, almost like these two ‘beings’ are separate yet living under the same roof so to speak.

Classes - Everything in the universe can be classed, whether it’s the plants and the universe to human beings. Classes for the most part are taken as abstract objects in other words sets of things.

Properties - Most things in reality have properties with other things for e.g. a olive is green and so the color green is associated, share or have properties with all things that are green. Properties is a description a descriptive quality that describes an object, it is something that is just not associated with color but also with size and weight in some ways it is very like a classification of an object.

Haunted Places: How Do Haunted Houses Become Haunted - Part 2

Another Tower of London prisoner was a young woman called Lady Jane Grey. Grey was the niece of King Henry VIII, and became Queen of England for nine days in a coo to change the royal line from the then Tudors to a family of Dukes in Northumberland called the Dudley's.

In the attempt by the Dudley's, Jane was told that she was to be married to the Duke of Northumberland's son, Guilford Dudley. The marriage took place on May 1553. Her accession to the throne took place on the 10th July 1553 and ended on the 19th July 1553, when Mary daughter of King Henry VIII, had Jane and her husband Guilford Dudley arrested. Mary had them sentenced to death; they were both beheaded on the 12th of February 1554. Both their ghosts have been seen in and around the Tower of London.

Haunted Places: How Do Houses Become Haunted - Part 1

Often over the years I have spent in the paranormal industry. I have been asked many times 'what makes a house haunted'. This is a very difficult question to answer because there are various different factors that come into the answer itself.

Some of the main factors include the history of the house, like was there any violent deaths, abuse or cruelty done to any, man,woman or child on the property. The age of the house or how old the house happens to be is also an important factor because, if there happens to be a lot of families that have lived in the house then there is a good likelihood that there were events and situations like death, un-happiness, betrayal, sickness etc.

All these things seep into the walls of the house and can leave an impression, energy or ghosts in the house. There can also to be said about the land that the house is built on. For e.g. people who were murdered, who fought in battles and whose blood seeped into the land upon there death, can leave unsettled ghostly energies or entities not only on the land but also in any house that is built on that land.

With a little more detail I will try to describe, 'what makes a house haunted'. I will do this by giving you several story examples of haunted houses and buildings so, that hopefully you can better understand what I mean.

Anne Boleyn was one of the many wives of the English King Henry VIII. Henry ruled England during the 15th century and is well known throughout history for being fickle when it came to woman. Boleyn replaced Catherine of Aragon as Henry's wife, because one woman was never enough for him. A few months's after Anne gave to birth to their first and only child, Elizabeth I. Henry's eye was already roving towards a young girl called Jane Seymour. So, he got rid of Anne by getting one of his Archbishops's to bring up false charges of adultery and incest on her. So, that she would be sentenced to death and he would be free to marry his next wife, Jane Seymour.

Anne Boleyn was beheaded at the Tower Green, which is outside the Tower of London in 1536. With her death being so violent and the falsehoods that lead to her death, it is not surprising that her headless corpse has been seen near and around the Tower of London. You would think that being headless that she would be difficult to recognize but believe or not, she has always been easily identified by her clothes. Her ghost has also been seen at Blicking Hall situated in Norfolk, which at one time in the 15th century was once her family home. It would appear that Anne's ghost has always been most active on the Anniversary of her death.

Definition of Metaphysical

A definition of ‘Metaphysical’ is that the word describes everything that goes beyond the five senses that we already know exist, and that which can be linked to what is commonly known as the sixth sense, or the psychic sense and beyond. So, in essence it is the word that is used to describe things that exist beyond the physical realm. There are many words that are often linked to and put under the title of ‘Metaphysical’. Some of these words are mentioned here:

* The Supernatural
* The Paranormal
* The Unexplained and The Unknown
* The Sixth Sense or The Third Eye
* Psychic Abilities
* Metaphysical Forces
* Metaphysical Reasoning
* Metaphysical Philosophy
* Cosmology
* Ontology
* Metaphysics
* Spirituality and Spiritual
* Astral Travel
* Psychicism
* The Human Soul

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Omens of Death

There are many types of Omens, but Death Omens have a uniqueness to their design. Each Omen can come as a Precognitive Dream, a Premonition or a Ghostly Whisper - a warning from beyond the grave.

Precognitive and Premonition are very similar and yet very different. Often their meanings are confused, but in basic terms Precognitive Dreams are dreams of future events that are dreamed while sleeping. While Premonitions are often described as waking dreams of future events. With Premonitions a person can see flashes of future images while awake and have gut feelings on things that are about to happen.

Famous Omens of death's are like the Precognitive Dreams that both US President's Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy had about their own death's before they occurred.

US President Abraham Lincoln and his wife were long standing believers of the paranormal. During his time at the Whitehouse, séances were a regular occurrence. It has been said throughout the years since Abrahams time at the Whitehouse, that during the most difficult days and times of the American Civil War that Lincoln himself had many experiences of a paranormal nature in regards to the War itself.

At the begining of April in the year 1865, Lincoln told one of his close loyal bodyguards that he had a dream of his own death and that in this dream he saw his own funeral. Then again on the 11th of April 1865, Lincoln told the same bodyguard that he had the same dream of his death again. On the 14th of April 1865, Lincoln was set to go to a theater called 'Fords Theater'. With the knowledge of the dream some people close to Lincoln at the Whitehouse tried to stop him from going to the theater, but Lincoln refused to be persuaded not to go. He went to 'Fords Theater' that night and while there a man called John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln by shooting him.

Did President Lincoln go to that theater with the knowledge of what was to come? Did all his Paranormal Experiences lead him to believe that this was his fate, and that he couldn't fight it or change it? These are questions that we can never really get an answer to there is no answer with any kind of factual or solid proof. In saying that though there is a lot of room for speculation on this subject and I think that people will always wonder why he chose to go to 'Fords Theater' on that night after the dreams that he had?

President John F Kennedy had a similar experience in that he also had a Precognitive Dream of his death as well before it happened.

Ghosts: Famous Ghosts and Haunted Places - Part 2

Another famous haunted place is that of the Borley Rectory in Essex. A book called 'The Most Haunted House in England' by the famous Psychical Researcher, Harry Price.

The facts surrounding this particular house are that anyone who has lived in the house has never been able to stay living it. This is because of the paranormal phenonomen that has occurred in the house from 1900 to 1939. The house burnt down mysteriously in 1939, and from that time no one has lived on the site that is now a burnt out shell, so you could say that there has been no reported paranormal phenonomen since the house became ablaze.

Facts and history have been so deeply intertwined in this particular case that after so many years it is difficult to separate out the facts from the fiction or folklore. Therefore in order to give you what information I can, I shall give you everything I have read and researched on the rectory and perhaps if you are interested in the story then perhaps you can research it more on your own, and share any findings you make find.

In July of the year 1900, Ethel Bull the granddaughter of the Reverend Bull who built the rectory was out walking with the daughter of the then current Rector of Borley, when suddenly Ethel saw a figure of a female dressed in a nun's habit.

Throughout the years that the rectory was in use, many people saw the ghostly nun. It was said to float over the land and disappeared as soon as anyone got close. Many called the area in which the ghostly nun was often seen as the 'Nun's Walk'. Throughout the years there was and have been many theories and explanations of the ghostly nun were. Some people said that the rectory was built on a 13th century monastery. A monk was supposed to have fallen in love with a nun from a nearby convent. The monks and the other nuns discovered the lover's secret love and the nun was killed by the other nuns because of her broken vows, and some people say that is why she haunts the place that she died.

The second explanation for 'Nun's Walk' is that at some point during 1667, a nun was forced to abandon her calling to serve God in order to marry one of the sons of a family call the Waldengrave family who at that time lived in Borley Manor. It is said that she was murdered on the site of the rectory and so haunts there.

The third and last explanation for Borley Rectory is that there was once a French nun called Marie Larre, who ran from her convent in France to be with the man she loved. Unfortunately for Marie, not long after arriving in England and at Borley she had an argument with the man she loved. In a moment of violent rage her lover killed her and buried her body in the basement/cellar of the house that was on there before Borley Rectory was built. Many people believed this third theory more than any of the others. This may have been because a female jawbone and skull where found on the site as was a selection of religious artifacts.

Ghosts: Famous Ghosts and Haunted Places - Part 1

For many people seeing a title like 'Famous Ghosts and Famous Haunted Places', brings to mind images of celebrities like long deceased actors and actresses of stage and screen like Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift, Carole Lombard to name but a few. Some people believe that there is nothing more to this subject of 'Famous Ghosts and Haunted Places' that old movie stars haunting movie studios and their former homes. This is most definitely not the case, because what if I told you that these older movie and stage stars is merely a thin layer of ice on a larger frozen lake.

For example; take 'The Bell Witch' evil Ghost or Poltergeist? No-one will ever know for sure. Unfortunately the story of John Bell, his family and 'The Bell Witch' was changed and the story was twisted when the story became a movie known as 'The American Haunting'. In most of the information that I have found over the years on 'The Bell Witch' there was never any mention of child abuse.

When dealing with the paranormal you need to be able to set out the facts from the fiction. In the case of the 'Bell Witch' the facts are this, that in the year 1817 in Robertson County, Tennessee, USA. That a man called John Bell, his wife, four sons and his daughter Betsy had several paranormal experiences with a negative forces. That this negative force seemed to focus at first only on Betsy and then late on John himself.

At first these paranormal experiences were just noises were just noises like scratching on the walls and knocks that were from no physical person or animal. Then without warning bed clothes were being pulled off the beds while the family slept in them, and their was the sounds of some one choking in the middle of the night. There were sounds of furniture being moved and stones being thrown.

It was a period of time when all this happened already that the physical attacks started on John's daughter Betsy. The facts state that Betsy was slapped across the face so hard that you could hear the blow, and that a pattern of a hand appeared in red an her face. That her hair was pulled violently on many occasions causing her a lot of pain to Betsy. To everyone that was involved there was no doubt that the main focus of the attacks were against Betsy.

The facts also state that the person John Bell approached was in fact a lay preacher who called James Johnson. That the negative malevolent force began to communicate with the family first by whistling and then with actual words.

When the negative and malevolent forces started in on John, it told John and his family that it would now attack John with such force that it would kill him. From there John was attacked violently, first his jaw swelled up and then he began to suffer from severe spasms and convulsions. Finally John Bell's body could take no more he fell into a coma and never awoke.

When the head of the family John himself died, it was said that the negative force could be heard to cry out with a wining roar that repeated just days later at John's funeral.

After John Bell's death the malevolent force seemed to leave that was until one night in 1821 as Betsy, her mother and four brothers were having dinner, that the family heard the malevolent force cry out that it was going and would never return and that is exactly what happened.

Ghostly Actors and Actresses


Monroe is said to haunt certain areas of 'The Roosevelt Hotel'. She was born Norma Jean Baker on the 1st of June 1926. At the beginning of her career she was a model which lead her unto the path of the movie business. For two years she lived in Suite 1200, at 'The Roosevelt Hotel' at the start of her modeling career.
A mirror that once hung in her room now hangs in the lobby is said to be haunted by the actresses' spirit. It has also been said that Marilyn haunts the ballroom of the hotel. Both staff and visitors have claimed to have seen her ghost dancing in the ballroom.


Monty as he was known to his friends also haunts 'The Roosevelt Hotel'. He was born on the 17th October 1920 and is best remembered for his roles in such movies as 'From Here to Eternity', 'The Misfits' and 'The Judgment at Nuremburg'.
During the year 1928, he spent three month's in Room 928 of 'The Roosevelt Hotel'. Over the years since the death of Montgomery Clift, it has since been claimed by the hotel staff and visitors that Clift can be seen walking along many of the corridor's in the hotel.


Jean was born on the 3rd of March 1911; she was an American born actress who took Hollywood by storm in the 1930's. She was the original 'Blonde Bombshell'; she was also known and described as 'The Platinum Blonde' which was also the name of one of the movies that she starred in 1931. Jean starred in over 30 movies but her career and her life was tragically cut short at the age of 26, by kidney failure. Since her death in 1937, there have been many sightings of 'The Blonde Bombshell' in the mansion she once called home.


Carole Lombard was born on the 6th of October 1908 in Fort Wayne in Indiana, USA. She began her film career at a very young age. She made her debut at the age of 12, in the movie 'Perfect Crime' in 1931 were she played the role of a tomboy. From there she starred in a few low-budget movies and then moved on to work for studios like Twentieth Century and Paramount Studios. Best known for films like 'My, Man Godfrey', 'To Be or Not to Be' and 'Mr and Mrs Smith'. Carole is also famous for being married to actors such as William Powell, who she married in 1931. Divorcing Powell in 1934, and was linked romantically to actors like Gary Cooper and George Raft. Her most famous marriage was to actor Clark Gable in 1939. She died on the 16th January 1942, and like her husband Clark Gable she is said to haunt 'The Oatman Hotel' in Arizona, where Clark and she spent their honeymoon.


Reeves was born on January 5th 1914 in Woodstock, Iowa, USA. He began his movie industry in 1939 with a minor role in the epic movie 'Gone With The Wind'. Through that one small role he was contracted to Warner Bros, where his acting included a few B-Movies or B-Pictures as they were known then, such film's as 'The Fighting 69th', 'The Strawberry Blonde', 'Torrid Zone' and 'So Proudly We Hail'. Though he acted in many movies as the ones above, he will always be remembered for his portrayal of the comic super hero 'Superman' in the 1951 television series.
George died on the 16th of June 1959 by his own hand; he committed suicide by shooting himself. It has been said the he can often be seen in his Superman costume roaming the rooms of his former home.


He was born on the 26th of May 1907 in Winterset, Ohio, USA. Wayne was best known for his western and war movies that's what made him famous acting in film's such as 'The Son's of Katie Elder', 'The Angel and the Badman', 'The Searchers' and many more . He was sometimes described as American's Favorite Movie Star especially with his roles in classic movies like 'The Quietman', 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon' and 'Hatari'.
John died on June 11th 1979 of stomach cancer, his ghost is said to have been seen on the yacht he once owned and enjoyed sailing called 'The Wild Goose'.


She was born August 6th 1911, in the town of Jamestown, New York, USA. She was an actress that appeared in movies and TV shows from the 1980's to the 1970's. Though she was well known for her film, television, stage and radio work. It was her talent that made her an icon that will never be forgotten.
Lucille died on April 26th 1989, she was 77 and since her death in North Roxbury Drive. The house itself has become a paranormal phenonomen known as 'Haunted'. The next people to own the house after Ball have described a lot of strange going on's. For example; furniture and objects moving on their own. Unexplained broken windows and voices being heard from an empty room.


Clark was born on the 1st of February 1901 in the town of Cadiz, Ohio, USA. He was once nicknamed 'The King of Hollywood'. He is best remembered for playing Rhett Butler in the 1939 epic, 'Gone With The Wind' also starring Viven Leigh. Other movies that made Gable famous were movies such as 'Mutiny on the Bounty' made in 1935, 'It Happened One Night' in 1934. It has been said that that Clark Gable also haunts the 'Oatman Hotel', the same hotel that Carole Lombard and he spent their honeymoon in after their marriage in 1939.


Welles was a genius when it came to directing in Hollywood; he also had a talent for writing and producing. Orson was born on the 16th May 1915. He directed, produced, acted and was an exceptional writer of film, stage, radio and television. For acting he is best remembered for his roles in 'Citizen Kane' and for his very real radio broadcast adaptation of 'The War of the Worlds'. At the time it was broadcast there were many who truly believed that the world was under attack and that what they were listening to was a real news broadcast.
Orson died of a heart attack in 1985 at the age of 70. At his favorite restaurant 'The Sweet Lady Jane' customers and staff have reported seeing him sitting at his favorite table.


She was born on the 23rd of March 1905, in San Antonio, Texas. She was an actress signed with the great MGM Studio's and with Warner Bros. Joan started her career as a dancer in a chorus line on Broadway. She started her movie career in a silent film called 'Pretty Ladies' in 1825, moving on and becoming famous through other movies like 'Possessed' made in 1931, 'Dancing Ladies' 1932 and 'Double Indemnity' which is just a few of the movies Crawford starred in. Her former home is said to be haunted by the actresses' ghost that is said to be just one of the ghosts to be linked with Joan Crawford's former home

How to Become a Paranormal Inestigator - Part 2

TORCHES/CANDLES/BATTERIES On a paranormal investigation or ghost hunt a torch is like your best buddy. It is very important that you have a good torch and plenty of extra batteries. It's also a good idea to bring some candles and matches as sometimes ghosts can affect things like video cameras as in camcorders, electric equipment and torches. A ghost hunter investigates in the dark and so you don't want to be left in the dark especially with ghostly noises around you, would you?


Orbs cannot be seen by the naked eyes. They can only be picked up by cameras, digital cameras and camcorders.

The best kind of cameras to get is a 35mm with SLR. A digital camera should have over 300 million pixels and a card of 256mb or higher. A digital camcorder with night vision is very good as you can walk around in a room with no light and still see where you’re going. Getting a tripod for your different types of cameras can be a great way to get a different perspective of a room or area.

You don't need to get all of these at first. A good camera, a tape recorder, a torch, spare batteries, some candles and an EMF Detector would be good enough for a start-up for any ghost group or individual investigator.

Another device that some paranormal groups use is a thermometer. This is used to read the temperature in different rooms and areas from houses and buildings. It is a well known fact that when ghosts and paranormal entities manifest, that there is a drop in temperature, before during or after their manifestation.

Monitoring and writing down each room temperature at the beginning of a paranormal investigation, and then paying close attention during an investigation; you may find a drop in temperature and realize that a ghost is around you.

There are two different types of thermometers. One is an ambient thermometer, which is used to give you the ambient room temperature. Then the other one is called a non-contact thermometer which is a thermometer that will give you the temperature of anything it is pointed at.


Finding a professional and good medium is very important for any paranormal investigation group. A medium is a person who has the ability to receive or channel messages from the spirit world. As part of a paranormal investigation group a medium can give the group information about the visitational and non-visitational ghosts that reside with the house or building.

As I said before it is very important that you make sure that you recruit a real medium that can prove the abilities that they say they have. A fraudulent medium could damage the group's reputation and would definitely effect whether they where taken seriously or not professionally. The best ways to make sure that you find a good genuine medium is by either asking for their psychic resume, which very similar to a normal resume the only difference is that the previous jobs are with psychic companies. Asking for references is also a good way to find out if someone who says they are a medium can actually prove it, as is testing the medium on their abilities.

If someone calls themselves a medium but is not willing to provide a resume, references, and won't let you test them. Then my advice is to not let them be a part of your group as they would damage your reputation and they would make people not take you serious, so stay clear of them.

How to Become a Paranormal Investigator Part 1

There are many ghost hunting and paranormal groups throughout the world. There are so many groups and societies that want to find real proof of the paranormal, and in particular ghosts.Many people call themselves ghost hunters or paranormal investigators but carry no more than a digital camera and a few flashlights to the haunted site. These people are not ghost hunters, nor are they real investigators in the paranormal.If you are interested in becoming a paranormal investigator or perhaps even running your own group, then here are a few tips to running your own group or being seen as a professional investigator. So, here's what you need:


An Electro Magnetic Field Detector also known as an EMF, is used to measure the electro magnetic energy that comes off electronic devices such as mobile, microwaves, DVD players and radio's etc..The importance of this device is that ghosts are made of energy. They use this energy that they are made of to manifest and to move over and through areas in houses and buildings etc.

They can also use this energy to affect electric equipment or devices such as the ones I have mentioned above. In paranormal investigations, investigators use the EMF device to write down the readings of electric fields each individual electronic device, of within the house or building you choose to investigate. Once you have these readings then you have what is called your base line investigation. As you move around the building or watch the EMF device when it reads above 2.5 mill gauss, then this could mean that you are not alone and a ghost is within the area you are in.


A tape recorder is used in several ways during an investigation. It can be used to interview the owners of the property that you are investigating. You can also use it to make notes of your own initial thoughts and feelings of the house, building etc…One of the more important uses of a tape recorder is to use it for the purpose of EVP.

EVP -Electronic Voice Phenonomen is a method used to record paranormal and ghostly noises like voices etc… By using a tape recorder many of these ghostly noises are often recorded like background noises and this is known as Sonic Events. EVP Recordings are the best type of proof for the existence of ghosts and the paranormal.


These are small battery alarms that are usually used as a form of home protection. They are placed at doorways and work by placing a device at opposite positions of a doorway. If someone walks through the doorway they are caught by a laser beam which is set off by the intruder unknowingly crossing the beam. When doing paranormal investigations these alarms can be used in a similar way to the way they are used for the living intruders.

By basically putting devices on staircases, corridors and doorways in building's and houses, you will perhaps be able to catch a ghost. Ghosts are energy and they can manifest fully into a more solid shape so, if they walk or float across a corridor or down a staircase then there energy and solidity will set off the laser.


During a paranormal investigation trigger objects are used as an experiment to find out if there really is a ghost or ghosts in a building or house that is under investigation. A trigger object can basically be anything as long as it can lay perfectly flat on a white sheet of paper. The way it works is that the investigator draws an outline around the object and then place a camcorder in the room across or near the object making sure the camcorder is on; the investigator goes out and locks the room.

If, when the investigator returns after a period of time and if the object is outside its line and shape, then by looking at the camcorder you will have documented proof of the paranormal.

Paranormal Tools: Ouijia Board

There has always been allot of stories told about experience with the Ouija Board. I am sure that many of you reading this have either had your own experiences with the Ouija Board, or know some who used the board and experienced things?

Some people say they have experienced something paranormal in using the board, while others say that the Ouija Board is a silly game and just nonsense. What is the truth of the board is it just a silly game or is the Ouija Board a dangerous game to play?

In order for me to describe and explain the dangers of the Ouija Board, I must first explain what is an Ouija Board. In the US, Ouija Boards are sold at as a children's game. The board itself is about the same size, shape and material made of a monopoly board.

The main differences between an ordinary gaming board and the Ouija Board are the designs on the board. For e.g. on the front of a Ouija Board at the top center are the words 'Hello', below that are the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. In the center of the board there is usually a clear circular space. To the left center of the board is the word 'Yes' and to the far right is the word 'No'. On the bottom center of the board are numbers ranging from 0 to 9. Below the numbers is the word 'Goodbye'.

Many people use this board by placing a glass down on the clear space on the center of the board. Then each person takes the tip of their first finger and places it on the edge of the glass. A speaker among those taking part is chosen to ask 'is there any ghostly energies or entities wishing to communicate'. Once a ghostly entity answers then the speaker is the one that asks the questions and asks the entity to reply using the Ouija.

The main and most damaging and dangerous thing about this board can be cut into two main sections or areas. The first section covers how people use the Ouija board, while the second covers the dangers of the entities that are communicated with through this board.Section one covers how the board and how children and adults use the board. In a sense using the Ouija board is like taking part in a séance, where there is no medium to help offer any form of protection for those using the board. Most children and adults don't even offer up a prayer, before calling out 'is there anybody there'. With no protection they begin to play a very dangerous game without knowing whether they will make contact with something positive or negative.

Psychic Abilities: Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing is a term given to an action whereby a person is able to use their sub-conscious mind to write down words and sentences that do not come from the person’s conscious mind. For some automatic writers they show signs of a trance like state and when awakened have no conscious memory of what they have written or what has taken place while they were in this trance. For other writers they have some awareness that they are writing something down but feel they are merely a passenger in their own bodies.

Some Automatic Writers believe that their messages come from a higher conscious and that they are merely been used as tools to relay important messages. While others believe simply that it is another type of paranormal ability or skill to contact those from the Spirit Plane.

People all over the world have been aware of Automatic Writing since as early as 1850, and no this awareness has not just been for those with abilities or for those throughout the centuries who have been referred to as the freaks, weirdo’s or any person who has been categorized in the eccentric groups of societyJ . On the contrary many of those involved throughout the years have been prominent and societies deemed normal individuals such as judges, novelists, housewives, philosophers etc… Some of the Spirits who were said to have used Automatic Writers to write beyond the veil were composers such as Brahms, Mozart and Chopin but to name a few.

There are writers who have claimed to have been used by actors and actresses who once where stars through the old classic American movie studio’s to write messages thoughts and feelings back to the physical world. Are these claims true or are they just stunts for 5 minutes of fame?

The problem with Automatic Writing is there is little proof when dealing with long dead stars or composers, there is no one to tell how accurate or true the messages are. This is something that we all need to decide for ourselves in what we believe is possible or not? Food For Thought Though: From the mediumship end, proof could and can be found when there is more than one living person involved in the relaying of the messages. For example; a lady contacts an automatic writer and asks her to come to her home as there have been some paranormal experiences happening.

The woman knows that the family home as been in the family for several generations but tells the writer little. The writer takes a walk around and then sits and goes into his/her trance like state, if the writings are about the families or the people that have lived there within the time frame that the woman’s generations have lived there, then it is possible that the woman herself can tell the automatic writer how accurate or not she has been and in that scenario that would be proof that Automatic Writing works.

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