Wednesday, 6 May 2009

White Noise and Audible Phenomena


White Noise is a technique that uses for example, televisions and radio's to contact the dead. Radio's and televisions can be tuned into stations and channels where only static can be heard or seen. For televisions the static channels are those that make the screen appear like black and white small dots. For radio's it any channel that has a static noise, of course.

The idea of white noise or should I say the theory of the method used to communicate with the dead, is that through the static the dead can be spoken to and also be heard by the living. Whether this is a real form of communication with the dead or not is debatable. Some people have documented their experience of speaking to their dead love ones through the static. Although, I myself have never heard anything through the static of the radio or the television this does not mean that that this method does not work or that it isn't real. It's just means that for one person there was no result in the use of white noise. For any of you reading this if you were to try this as an experiment there is always the chance that it could possibly work for one or more of you.


Sometimes before a ghost manifests, people living in a house may hear knocks, taps or raps and this is called 'Audible Phenomena'. The term is also used during paranormal investigations when a ghost can communicate with the investigation team using the methods above to answer questions that have been asked aloud by the team.

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