Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Information on Paranormal Article Sharing

Hi Guys and Gals,
I need to lay out some ground rules for my paranormal articles on this blog. I don't mind people using my articles on their own websites or blogs. But, I would say that if you want to use my articles for your sites or blogs could you ask permission first, before you copy and paste my copyrighted articles to your websites and blogs. You must also add my name as the author on the article with a link back to this blog please.

For those who have never heard of copyright here is a brief explain of what copyrighted means:

That there is a legal protection to published works like the paranormal articles authored by myself. This legal protection forbids anyone but me the author of the articles the right to publish these articles.

I am sorry to have to say all this but I have come across my paranormal articles pasted word for word on other paranormal, psychic and metaphysical websites, blogs and newsletter. None of my stolen article had my name as the author of the articles nor did they have a link to this blog attached to the articles. This is very disrespectful act and a breech of my copright laws protecting my articles.

Please be advised, that I love sharing my knowledge and experiences of the paranormal with you guys and gals, but it doesn't take alot to put my name on my articles at your own site and a link back here.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you all enjoy the new and recent articles published here. There are alot more interesting and exciting Metaphysical and Paranormal articles to come so watch this space.

Many Blessings

Psychic Hecate

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