Friday, 20 March 2009

Ghostly Whispers and Phantom Footsteps

Phantom Whispers and Footsteps are a common occurrence within many office buildings, house or flat has a presence of a ghostly nature within it. Before a person may even have seen a full figure ghost in their residence, they will have more than likely have heard one or more unearthly voice, and on many occasions footsteps that are not attached to a physical body.

Those who have experienced these sometimes un-nerving paranormal occurrences, have spoke of someone whispering to them so close to their ear that the person can feel a cool breeze. Often the sane feeling that you feel when someone breathes on you when they are standing right next to you.

Others have experienced the sound of footsteps walking across a wooden floor in a room that is known to be carpeted. People have heard footsteps in the room above them when they know no-one is in the house/flat but themselves. There have even been reported cases of people who have heard footsteps pass them in the stairs even though they can see no physical body to account for the footsteps.

When I was about 19 or 20, I was working in an office that had at one time been a nunnery. The nuns crypt still intact was situated in the basement which was underneath the kitchen, next to the kitchen was the main staircase leading to the upper floor offices which had once been where the nuns rooms where situated. Anyway, to get on with the story, each morning one person was sent out to get the break time buns from the bakery. It so happen that there was this one morning I was the one chosen to go to the bakery.

On the way back to the office I began my ascent up the main staircase when I suddenly heard like a shuffling sound behind me. It was as if someone was trying to get pass me on the stairs, I took another few steps and the shuffling continued. So, I stepped aside and heard footsteps pass me but there was no physical body beyond my own body on that staircase.

As I stepped aside and the footsteps passed me I heard the words 'God Bless you'. I wish I could say that with all my abilities and experience of the paranormal that I was calm and rational at that moment. The truth is my body reacted before I had time to think about it, I bolted like a race horse hearing the shot for the beginning of a race to start and ran as fast as I could up the rest of the stairs. In actual fact I was taking two stairs at a time and I ran up the rest of the stairs and didn't stop until I was back in the office.

When my breathing went back to normal and I had calmed myself down, I told my work friends about what had happened. Some believed and some didn't, but there were many who believed and had paranormal stories of their own about that old nunnery that they had each experienced themselves and were willing to tell.

I am sure like me many of you who have heard of people with ghostly experiences. People of all ages who have said they have frozen and been unable to move as they saw or heard or felt a ghost near them. Or, like me have seen something and run, it just goes to show that no matter who you are, or what psychic or medium abilities you have, or paranormal experience you have had. There can be times when the body can react before the mind can process these things. When you do have paranormal experiences you can never fully be prepared for how the body can or will react to these weird and wonderful experiences.

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