Friday, 20 March 2009

What is the Paranormal Q & A

Q: What is The Paranormal?
A: The term ‘Paranormal’ refers to the type of phenomena that by all appearances cannot be explained or understood by the general scientific community, nor can be explained by the scientific laws for which this community governs itself by. In more basic terms the actual word paranormal means beyond normal which when broken down means beyond normal experiences, and the normal five senses that we all have. Those five senses being - smell, taste, touch, see and hear. The term also refers to all those things which cannot be fitted into the category of ‘natural order’ or to anything that can not be explained, in other words ‘The Unexplained’.

Q: What does the term Parapsychology mean?
A: Parapsychology is the study of paranormal phenomena, and to some it is seen as a science and a sub field of psychology. There are many people who consider themselves parapsychology researchers, who study this type of phenomena hoping to find scientific proof of the existence of supernatural and psychic phenomena. So in simple terms parapsychology is the study of both the mental and physical which does not fit into the normal perception of these words and the meaning behind them. Regarding to these terms in the beyond normal category you will find that in parapsychology terms ‘Mental’ research refers to the study of:

* ESP - Extra Sensory Perception
* Telepathy
* Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
* Psychometry
* Precognitions and Premonitions
* Remote Viewing
* Mental Mediumship
* Dowsing
* Past Life Memories
* Possession
* Out of Body and Near Death Experiences
* Apparitions - Spirits/Ghosts
* Automatic Writing
* Xenoglossy

While the term ‘Physical’ within this science is the study of:

* Psychokinesis
* Physical Mediumship
* Psychic Photography
* Healing
* Poltergeist Activity
* Levitation

Other subjects that are studied by parapsychology researchers are:

* Bizzare Coincidences
* Miracles
* Mysterious Sightings
* Alien Abductions
* Animal Mutalations
* Corn Circles
* Stigmata
* Occult Systems

So you could say that parapsychology is a addition to science because these researchers are trying to obtain physical proof that there is more out there that just what we think we know about the world. That there is more than just the physical in our plain of existence, is it so hard to have an open mind, I mean many religions believe in heaven, hell, God, Devil, Angels most of never seen any of these and yet they believe that they exist. Is that anymore ‘out there’ than those who believe in ‘The Paranormal’ or ‘Psychic Phenomena’.

You dont need to be a believer this is merely a study of The Metaphysical World and what lies beyond the void of what we believe is possible. All you need is a open mind and a bit of healthy skepticism and you may be surprised by what you learn and the proof you will find. Just remember that once upon a time people believed the world was flat and now we know the truth that the world is round…….So as far as this study goes it’s up to you what you believe….after all the truth is out there if you open your eyes and look for it………

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